Fresh Cutted Roses in Flower Boxes

A unique and luxurious gift for your loved-ones, Flowers in Boxes offers a modern twist to your fragrant present. An increasingly high demand product, Flowers in Boxes are beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance floral arrangements. AB Flowers offers a variety of different options for flowers in a box. These compositions will fill the room with a pleasant aroma and decorate the interior with a magnificent appearance.

Our floral art in hand-crafted boxes can stay good for much longer than a simple bouquet, lasting up to two weeks. In addition, our boxes do not require any special care. It is enough to simply add water into the foam occasionally.

Each composition in a box is one of a kind. From love to condolences, the boxes can express all sorts of feelings and experiences for the receiver. The gift looks neat and does not take up much space.

Fresh Cutted Roses in Flower Boxes

Hat boxes were not always used for flowers, but they have a long history behind them. Nowadays, they are an impressive and convenient gift option. Boxes can also be reused after the flowers fade, as additional storage, and as a jewellery or keepsake box. In addition, the boxes are also practically packaged. This method of packaging contributes to the easy transportation of the arrangement, as well as the freshness of the composition for a long time.

Keep in mind that these stylish and elegant compositions are suitable for individuals of all genders and ages. While they look spectacular, they are also restrained.

Wooden Flower Box Collection

AB Flowers’ online shop offers a huge selection of all kinds of flower boxes for any taste. All our compositions from the most subtle to the most luxurious are made by high-class florists with love. Each of them has a special touch, which makes every one of our compositions unique.



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